Board Letter from Regina Thurman

The last few weeks in the medical marijuana industry here in Arkansas have been contentious to say the least - and it looks like we’re not done yet!

As the leading advocate for cultivators, distributors and related businesses, we have been busy working with the media, association members and the industry at large. It’s important to us that we understand the needs and wants of the industry and learn how we can best serve association members. We want to support fair implementation of policies and provide the right resources for those who, ultimately, serve patients. We have a passionate group of leaders who are here to collaborate and ensure the sustainability of this industry.

We are here to work with policymakers to protect and support our industry and to serve as a resource to the public and news media about the importance of this new economy. We expect a seat at the table as we continue to establish best practices. Arkansas may be new to the medical marijuana industry, but we can do this right and serve as a model to other states as we advance appropriate legislation, regulation and implementation. As the industry evolves, we will continue to host events and education opportunities for both our members and the general public.